Kilimanjaro Safaris

  • Kilimanjaro Safaris

When it comes to safaris, we GO WILD. Enjoy a single day or 2 week photo safari excursion into the beautiful Harambe Wildlife Reserve. Covering over 800 sq miles, our reserve brings you all the excitement of Africa in a sweeping view of preserved wilderness.

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Eastern Star Railway

  • Harambe Railway Station

Take a scenic view of East Africa traveling on a 1926 Beyer-Peacock steam train along the Eastern Star Railway.

Departing from Harambe Railway Station to the countries of Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail

  • Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail

Venture into the heart of Africa and explore a lush tropical forest inhabited by native African wildlife including gorillas, hippos, and exotic birds. Trek through a dense forest and sprawling savannahs as your embark on a self-gudied tour of the Pangani Forest. Snap pictures from convenient observation stations and learn more about the animals you see and our conservation efforts to protect them and their habitats.

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Mr. Mutumbo’s Fishing Tours

Cap’n Bob’s Super Safaris

  • Cap’n Bob’s Super Safaris

Our day-trips include Mauti Crocodile Farm and Camel Rides at Ujinga Ranch or... you name it and we’ll take you there!! We have completed over six hundred departures in our famous Turkana Bus providing photo safaris and exclusive holidays. Guaranteed animals! - Genuine African culture! Trust us!

Each night enjoy “economy campy”, invented by Cap’n Bob. Camping doesn’t mean “cheap”, it means “value”. Call Cap’n Bob today! (ask for Ed)

c/o P.O. Box 7381 Harambe | Tel: 82869/220130

Kinga Hot Air Balloon Trips

  • Kinga Hot Air Balloon Trips

Tired of the dust and jolts of East Africa’s famous road system? Why not RISE above it all? Longing for that romantic vision of Africa and champagne breakfast at set-down point?

In operation since 1995. Safe! Unique! Romantic! Why delay? Take a hot air balloon trip today!

P.O. Box 275 or leave a message at Kulewa’s Cafe

Rejeresha Arts & Crafts Workshop

Harambe Historic Tours

Embark on guided walking tours Harambe’s historic landmarks and locations. Tours are free of charge and are held the third Fridays of every month.

Meet guide at Municipal Office - 12 & 3 pm