Port of Entry & Customs

Upon arrival in Harambe you’ll want to head directly to Customs & Clearance in the Theatre Quarter, across from the Port of Entry. When going through the Visitor Registry, please have necessary documentation available upon entry. As Harambe is duty free, there are no local import taxes or fees placed on goods.

Within the Theatre Quarter you’ll also find the Harambe Tourist Information Bureau to assist you with any additional needs or inquires. Before leaving Harambe port, all travelers must have their departure papers available.

Useful Words & Phrases

Afrikaans, Zulu, and Ndebele are all spoken in this part of Africa, however Swahili is the primary language here in Harambe. These words & phrases may be useful during your visits.

harambe (hah-rum-bae) - “working together”
jambo! (jam-bo!) - “hello!”
Kwaheri (kwa-her-e) - “good bye”
asante (ah-sahn-tay) - “thank you”
la asante (lah ah-sahn-tay) - “no thank you”
jina langu ni... (jee-nah lahn-goo nee) “my name is...”
rafiki (ra-fee-kee) “friend”
chukula (chaw-kool-a) - “food”
kinywaji (kee-nee-wa-jee) “drink”
choo (choo) - “toilet”
simba (sim-ba) - “lion”


Safety Warnings

Pay attention closely to safety and advisory signs. Below are a few things to be aware of during your visits...

  • Guests of hotels are advised not to wander far after dark because of dangerous animals.
  • Guests to Harambe are requested to be mindful of local customs.
  • Please be wary that baboons are rascals. Mind your food and cameras.
  • Baboons are not to be fed! Dispose of trash and uneaten food items.
  • Clean hands means clean food.
  • Keep out from the bushes (snakes may be hiding).
  • Please no smoking near buildings or indoors, as the buildings are quite old.
Keep Out

Poaching Alert

The Harambe Town Council has declared wild animal poaching to be a social evil. Please report any evidence of poaching to the nearest ranger post. You can help the reserve in its fight against ivory poachers.

Ivory poachers beware. Think ten times before you dabble in poaching. From now on offenders will not get away lightly! Weigh this against the dream of your profit. Issued in public interest by the Harambe Town Council.


Modern Conveniences

In Harambe you don’t need to leave the modern world behind, here it is about finding the balance between nature and modern conveniences. You will still notice satellite dishes on the rooftops, power lines running to all the buildings, and phone lines provided by the National Telephone Authority. We even have the Kivuko Computer Training Centre, an internet cafe, and free WIFI.

Clean public restrooms are also available throughout town, dedicated to the convenience of travelers by the Harambe Ministry of Public Works.